& Retail

Manage your entire business
with most feature-rich retail
management and POS system

Key benefits

We take care of your business while you take care of your customers

Everything your
business will ever need

With PerkUp, you can manage every aspect of your business well- inventory, purchase, accounting, point of sale, website, online ordering, human resources, production, and marketing.

Most User-friendly,
feature-rich POS

The platform is the most user-friendly and feature-rich POS. Your staff can start using it with brief training

Create 100’s of custom
reports about your business

The platform has a powerful reporting engine enabling you to generate any kind of customer report for your use. You can view reports in table and graphical form as well as download them.

Flexible platform
to suit your needs

The retail and POS system is built on modular basis and can adapt to unique needs of any business.

Works offline &
prints wirelessly

The POS can work on any device online and offline.You can print wirelessly through tablet or desktop to any thermal printer.

Key features

Ours is the most complete POS and Retail Management system

Point of Sale

Designed to make your staff spend less time on POS and more time with customers, PerkUp offers you a feature-rich, easy-to-use POS which works both online and offline on any device. It provides tight control over every transaction.

Purchase Management

From a simple supplier and purchase order management to advanced; automated purchase workflows, our purchase management application will help you improve your supply chain and inventory performance.

Recipe, Service Formula
and Production Management

Manage your product recipes or salon service formulas with unparalleled ease. When an item gets sold or services gets availed, the product used gets automatically deducted from inventory so you have real-time information on your business. You can also production orders.

Management System

Designed with the needs of every type of business- salons, restaurants and retail among others- the inventory management application gives you complete visibility in your inventory, helps you avoid stockouts, and gives you clear and complete reporting.

Online Ordering
& Website

Beyond a business-friendly retail and POS system, we enable you to take online order from customer through your own ecommerce store which shows real-time inventory. With an easy-to-use to website builder, you get a website fit for your business.

Human Resources

With PerkUp, you can efficiently manage your HR function including employees, payroll, recruitment, expenses, appraisal, leaves and fleet.

PerkUp Insights

Manage and Grow
your business

Regular tips for you business on marketing,
loyalty and business management

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