Fashion, Grocery
& other Retailers

Grow your fashion,
grocery or other retail store
with our powerful
management, loyalty
and marketing solution

Key benefits

Business growth through better marketing & seamless business operations

Reduce leakages
and fraud

Our retail industry experience has enabled us to create a solution which helps you minimize theft, fraud and leakages saving you money and hours of wasted time.

Spend less time
on operations

With our retail management solution, our goal is to free you up from daily fire fighting at your business and enable you to spend more time growing your business.

An integrated
marketing program

We give you access to powerful marketing tools to enable you to run automated marketing campaigns, send promotions and create and manage your loyalty program.

Provide better
customer experience

With customers-facing displays, ability to take orders anywhere in your establishment and wireless printing, you customers are sure to have better experience.

Find information fast
& minimize mistakes

We enable you to find any piece of information about your business quickly and effectively ensuring you make smart, timely business decisions.

Reduce business

With our solution, you are sure to achieve more with less resources ensuring you are able to run your business more efficiently.

Customize our platform for your business

We have everything you need
for success of your retail business

Point of Sale

Complete order in seconds

An easy-to-use interface to help you close more sales in less time

Offline mode

Get the best of both worlds- a cloud based POS which works offline.

Add customer to orders

Add customer to each order to track their history

Handle multiple customers

Initiate multiple orders at the same time. Bring up orders using customer names

Quick staff training

Add customer to each order to track their history

Barcode integration

Complete barcode integration for products and customers.

Use on any device

Use on a touch-enabled screen, tablet, desktop or laptop

Email or print receipt

Customers can receive printed or emailed receipts. Record tips seamlessly

Reduce leakages & fraud

The solution comes with strict checks to ensure reduced fraud and inventory leakages.

Refunds and returns

Process & track refunds and returns easily

Order history

View all past orders. Apply filters. Search by customer, salesman, order number, session etc.


Apply amount or % based discount. Restrict discount to specific POS users.

Multiple payment methods

Accept multiple payment methods

Daily totals & cash management

Accept multiple payment methods

Daily totals and cash management

Track all cash movements from cash float to register closure, and reduce errors, theft and discrepancies.

Daily sale report

Download, print or get emailed daily sale report with overall & category sales, returns, & discount

Loyalty Program

Custom Loyalty Program

Create a loyalty program that suits your business dynamics

Flexible reward choice

Customers can earn free products, cashback or discount in rewards

Instant communication

Customers receive updates about points and rewards on SMS and order receipt

Flexible points scheme

Customers can earn points based on spend, visits, products and/or categories

Easy to use for staff

Seamless integration with POS makes it quick and easy for your staff.

SMS Marketing, Gift Cards & Vouchers

Lift sales in short term

Send promotions to your customers via SMS to increase sales in short term

Stay in touch with customers

Send announcements to customers

Introduce gift card program

Work with our team to create and run your own gift card program

Generate & distribute vouchers

Acquire customers by generating voucher codes to distribute through various channels.

Set restrictions on voucher and gift card use

Restrict to specific customers & products. Minimum order amount for voucher redemption.

Full or partial redemption

Create single or multi use vouchers and gift cards

Automatic or manual generation of codes

Generate codes automatically from POS or create manually from backend.

Redemption history

Access redemption history of each voucher

Staff, Commission and Payroll

Create staff profiles

The solution comes with strict checks to ensure reduced fraud and inventory leakages.

Assign services to staff

Specify services that each staff member is allowed to perform.

Track orders by staff members

On order detail page, see the details of staff members who provided services.

Staff report for services performed

Date-wise report with details of staff, services and revenue


Have our team setup payroll for your staff. Generate pay slips with a click of a button.

Product, Inventory and Purchase

Product variants and bundles

Create multiple product sizes, colors or any variations you need. Bundle products together to form new products like gift baskets.

Product organization

Categorize your products by name and type to easily build custom reports, perform inventory counts or coordinate your online store collections.

Centralized product catalog

Manage one central product catalog and sync your products across all your channels to eliminate double data entry and reduce human errors.

Easily import products in bulk

Migrate products from your old point of sale or online store by importing a CSV file

Auto filled orders

Automatically generate stock orders whenever a product drops below your preset levels with customizable reorder points.

Inventory control

Make better informed decisions about your purchasing and inventory with current and historical stock on hand, low stock alerts, and inventory level reports at your fingertips.

Inventory count

Conduct regular inventory counts, compare with stock levels in system and make adjustments. Helps prevent theft and leakages.

Multi warehouse transfers

Have multiple outlets? Check product levels at your other locations and easily transfer items from one store to another.

Barcodes and labels

Import existing item barcodes or generate and print new ones.

Vendor management

Manage vendor relations by listing relationship details like items typically ordered.

Customizable taxes

Customize your tax rates for individual products.

Inventory receiving

Receive inventory manually in the system or automatically via purchase orders

Automated promotions

Simplify all your promotions with custom pricelists. Discount or mark up products, specify minimum or maximum purchase amounts and set an automatic end date.

Purchase orders & invoices

Generate purchase orders and make price adjustments. Raise vendor invoices and make payments.

Customer Management

Customer profiles

We build customers’ profile- their orders, loyalty points, rewards and statistics

Customer balances

Track customers balances and advances.

Order History

All the customer orders are saved to their profiles which are immediately accessible to you

Import customer lists

Easily import customer data that you already have.

Reporting & Analytics

End of day reports

Print or get emailed daily detailed sale report

Sale reports

Track hourly, weekly, monthly sales by product, category, salesperson and customer among others

Product & category reports

Analyze and gain insight into your salon growth. See which products and services are selling — and which ones aren’t.

Customizable reports

Build your own reports and quickly drill into data

Export reports

Export in Excel format any custom reports you generate through system

Multi Outlets

Add users

Add more users and assign them roles to manage outlets and terminals. Control what they see and what they don’t.

Add terminals and outlets

Add more terminals and outlets easily.

Complete retail management system

Ours is a complete solution to help you manage every aspect of your business irrespective of whether you have 1 or 100 outlets.

Synchronized data

Our cloud-based solution ensures your data is up-to-date. Remember: the POS works offline.

Your personal success team

Best of all, you have access to your personal Success Team which works round the clock to help you achieve success with PerkUp.


Works with any device

Use POS on any device- laptop, desktop, or tablet. We recommend tablet for best experience.

Wireless printing

Print receipts wirelessly from any place within your premises. You take POS to customers.

Works with most hardware

You can use most thermal printers, cash drawers and barcode readers without any problem.

Hardware specialists

Our hardware specialists are always at your service to help you choose right hardware and set it up for you.

No need for expensive servers!

You only need an tablet/laptop/desktop to start. You don’t need to buy server. However, we can set it up at your premises if you so want

PerkUp Insights

Manage and Grow
your business

Regular tips for you business on marketing,
loyalty and business management

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