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Key benefits

Reward your customers to encourage them to visit and spend more

Increase your
customer visits & spend

With PerkUp, you can create a loyalty program for your business to reward your customers to encourage them to spend and visit more

Get access to
your Success Team

You get access to Success Team which works to ensure you achieve success with your loyalty program.

Integrated with
POS & Automated Marketing

The loyalty program is fully integrated with our point of sale and automated marketing modules ensuring that you can manage your business, run loyalty program and automatically engage customers.

Create custom
loyalty program

Every business is unique therefore our product helps you create a program that suits the unique dynamics of your business

Access customer

In real-time, you have access to customer information including their personal details and their history with your business.

How it works

How loyalty program works

Customers sign up and start earning points

Customers can sign up for your loyalty program using their mobile number only. Your staff updates their information in real-time.

Customers receive instant updates on their points

Customer receive instant updates when they earn points at your business.

Customers visit you again to redeem their points

Customers visit your business to redeem their points for rewards.

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